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Getting paid with childcare vouchers
and tax-free childcare is painful.

Do you waste time chasing payments?
Are you frustrated with reconciling bookings, vouchers and bank payments?
Are you losing customers because of the complicated process?

PonchoPay solves all of this,
so you can focus on what matters!

With just one click, your customers can place a booking online and pay for it immediately. Poncho will automatically handle the admin of processing Childcare Vouchers and Tax-free Childcare, ensuring all payments are reconciled across all systems.

A booking via PonchoPay, is a booking confirmed. The payment is guaranteed to you instantly.

The benefits of PonchoPay

Checkout online

Your customers complete their booking online with just one click. No more emails, phone calls and texts.

Guaranteed payments

When a customer checks out with PonchoPay, you get paid - no matter what.  We've got you covered!

Peace of mind

No uncertainty.  No spreadsheets.  No follow-ups. No reconciliations. We do it all for you.

It's as easy as 1,2,3

Getting up and running with PonchoPay is incredibly quick and requires no effort on your side.

The PonchoPay advantage in numbers

0 hours
Time spent on reconciliations and follow ups
Guaranteed payment with PonchoPay checkout
Increase in your customer base
Based on other industry comparables

💰 Early Bird Pricing

For early sign-ups, we’re offering PonchoPay for free for the first 6 months. After that, you’ll pay a low 3% transaction fee for all payments via PonchoPay.
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